Let Keida B the reason your skin is changing for the better!

Let Keida B the reason your skin is changing for the better!


Your Esthetician, Akeida


Your EstieBestie Akeida

Get ready for a life changing experience with your  favorite/soon to be favorite Licensed Esthetician,AKEIDA💫!!! Here at Smooth Secrets Wax Palace i use a hard strip-less wax which gives you better results leaving your skin smooth and hair free!! From one service to the next, i promise you wont regret

ALL Natural Body Products

Introducing you to these amazing products handmade by yours truly! body exfoliating scrub and ingrown hair oil, and a clay mask.

My Services

Full body waxing, brow tinting, Mink lash extensions, Facials and more.

What's coming up?

 Use special link: https://linktr.ee/waxpalace


  • Does it hurt? It depends on your tolerance level for pain
  • Can i get a wax while im menstruating? YES YOU CAN
  • How long does my hair have to be in order to get a wax? The length of a rice grain ( half an inch)
  • How often should i come in for a wax? EVERY 3-4 weeks. Sometimes 5-6 weeks, depending on how slow your hair grows.
  • Can pregnant women get waxed? Yes

Smooth Secrets Wax Palace

Dont cheat yourself, treat yourself

After a brilliant brazlian, bikini, or underarm wax, don’t forget exfoliate and moisturize your skin with Smooth Secrets very OWN ingrown hair oil and exfoliating body scrub!! HAND MADE WITH ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS 

Who doesn’t love a discount!!!

Is your birthday coming up? Do you have friends that want to find a new esthetician? Are you a bride to be? OMG are you ready to push? If you answered yes to either of these questions then guess what? You’re eligible for a discount!! Take advantage TODAY!!